One of the most difficult thing for many people to do is give. But I know you are different because you love God more than every thing you have. We need your seed of love to achieve the vision God gave us. According to the united states census bureau, Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and it is growing at the rate of 3.2% Per Annum. At that rate, there it is estimated that there will 402 million people in Nigeria By 205 there by becoming the third most populous country in the world. Fortunately, more than 60% of that estimated pupolation is turning out to be the young people below the ages of 35 years.

This is where me and you are desperately needed. We need you to help us as we contribute effectively and meaningfully to only 10% of that estimated population (20Milion young people) Nothing will be too big or too small. You are welcome to give in cash, in materials and in any kind that will support the realization of the vision (20/2050).

Below is the Bank Accounts Details

Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account Name: Holy Ghost Parliament Nigeria

Naira Account Number: 0127480971

Dollar Account Number: 0484422928