Apostle Daniel Yusuf Adamu

Whenever a young person is faced with all kinds of spiritual, mental and physical traumatic experiences, it is not uncommon for that young person's life to become deformed. Thus, producing in that young person a potential socio - economic and political vice. Most if not all of the criminal activities, terrorism and political thuggery in Nigeria and around the world today are perpetuated by these young people who no one cares about few decades ago. Most if not all have to find a way to survive by whatsoever means possible, which usually results into all kinds of indulgences. Thereby, becoming the concern of every body in their future.

According to the united states census bureau, Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and it is growing at the rate of 3.2% Per Annum. At that rate, it is estimated that there will be 402 million people I Nigeria By 2050 there by becoming the third most populous country in the world. Fortunately (or unfortunately as many writers think) more than 60% of that estimated population is turning out to be the young people below the ages of 35years. This is where Apostle Daniel Yusuf Adamu appears with a very unique mandate from Jesus Christ to contribute effectively and meaningfully to only 10%(20Milion) of that estimated population targeting only the young people between now and 2050.(Vision 20/2050)

Apostle Daniel Yusuf Adamu was born on the 8th of Aughst 1987 In Ningi LGA of Bauchi state Nigeria. As an indigene of Bauchi state, He decided to also based and works there with the ministry's head quarters and the company's office also situated there being the place he perceived God wanted him to begin the work of the ministry. Apostle Daniel Yusuf Adamu gave his life to Jesus Christ 1999 December 5th, at Government Collage Pankshin. Just a year after (December 2000) he preached his first sermon as a teenager. Four years Later, (2004 October 30th) He was commissioned by Jesus Christ with the mandate to bring transformation to the lives of every young person on his way. Since then, He has been committed to labouring in love, helping each young person to discover their purpose in life. He was Ordained as an Apostle in 2015 December 13th, By Bishop Emmanuel C. Kanti of Christ Alive Power Assembly.

Apostle Daniel Yusuf Adamu has come to know that no single approach is the right one for every young person, therefore he took it upon himself to undergo trainings in a range of modalities which includes among others; Spiritual, Mental and physical skills acquisition that will be adequate for the mandate and to stand a better chance of being an Apostle of Transformation to the young people. His educational background includes B.A History with the university of Maiduguri, Borno state Nigeria; Post Graduate Diploma in Education with National Teachers Institute Kaduna Nigeria; Post Graduate Diploma in Theology with Jos ECWA theological Seminary Plateau state Nigeria; Teaching Children Effectively levels 1&2 with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Nigeria; Basic Certificate Course, Leadership Certificate Course, Leadership Development Course with Word of Faith Bible Institute of Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) Bauchi State Nigeria; Zoe Bible Institute of Christ Alive Power Assembly; School of Purpose, School of the Spirit and School of Ministry with Holy Ghost Bible Institute of the Holy Ghost Parliament Ministries Bauchi State Nigeria; Public Speaking, Enterprising Risk Management, and Becoming A CEO with Passion View Global Solutions Ltd, Zamfara State Nigeria; Professional Drivers Certificate with De-Law Driving School Zamfara State Nigeria; Business Management, Marketing, Personal Productivity, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, General Operational Management With Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN!) Connect.

Apostle Daniel Yusuf Adamu has obtained other certificates of participation from NGOs such as; Save the Children U.K for a project on Orphans and Vulnerable Children under Rahama Women Corporative Society; Zip Up with Society for Family Health; Skills - Based Abstinence Education Training of Trainers with USAID/GHAIN; Certificate of Participation in the U.N Young General Assembly Fifth Annual Session; Certificate of Proficiency in Job Awareness, Corporate Ethic, Career Guide, Entrepreneurship and Netpreneurship Skills with Trsuco Resources Ltd; He is presently a teaching staff with State Universal Basic Education Board, Bauchi State, Warji LEA.

Apostle Daniel Yusuf Adamu is the founder and chief Minister of the life transforming youth fellowship known as Holy Ghost Parliament Ministries (Majalisar Ruhu Mai Tsarki); an interdenominational Christian Youth Family which has been a tremendous blessing to many young people. He is also the C.E.O of a new limited liability company which is known as Parliament Global Solutions Ltd; a manufacturing and skill acquisition company which is focused on providing strong alternative in the production and delivery of quality goods and services. He is the author of the femous life transforming Hausa Audio C.D known as "Muna Cikin Adua" and "Lokacin Sakewa". He is gifted with teaching, healings, and prophetic unctions, He has a great passion for intercessory prayers and Spiritual warfares. He is a song writer, a music minister and author of many life changing articles. To Jesus be all the Glory and Honour.